Automatic Writing

Too fast to process so much happening every minute pain body aches so much ego battles keep going on inside whats the process internal life insights always something new to give to know almost stopping what happens in the empty space mistakes pushing through indecision into the space taking a leap from the lion’s head what will be? What will be and what next will I survive another minute? faith over reason trust falling falling into a beautiful feeling again try to savour or just savour feel every second of every minute of every day as well fall into our beautiful lives who are we today? Speaking and feeling how are the thoughts made who are they serving and how is my fire mind look its behind me already like a forgotten dream such a subtle shift and all the perspective in the world I see again I feel again and how is today different? What is alive in you now? How are you finding your way? Is it dark in there and be a lighthouse that we may see forward going on pushing on loving on trusting through feeling all and wishing how each now each new now each grain of perfect sand under your wisening toes what can we draw what will be sung and seen and rung and begun I begin to wonder and bring myself back to the flow as I turn another page and I was feeling such perfect rage hello again old friend I love you too like I love everyone and include myself in the pact lest I forget or begin to regret and quickly learn to laugh to live to see love in every flower and every piece of broken glass no need to capture or define only see the perfection every time and let even the cracks be places to let in the light