Heard and Remembered

I have heard and I have remembered.

Give me your heat. Nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away.
Give me your sorrow. I am stone.
Give it back to me.
Your hand and footprints on me, can you see them?

Continual waves, rising, falling.
The foundation song. I listen at the cracks.
At night, cool under the moon, you listened and taught me stillness, clearing.
Today I see your lines. The ocean dances me. I am driftwood. I am seaweed. I am rock.
Erode my surfaces. Many offerings, many teachings.
The circle meets in this place.

I am the voice of your soul

I am the voice of your soul
and today this is what I have to say

Awake! Awake to the freedom that is yours.
Who are you? Do you remember?
Do not hide. There is no hiding. God is in you.
Will you let him speak? You know.
Tell me if you do not know and I will remind you.
I am the sun and the moon. The stars are where I was born.
Follow.. follow the path to freedom. be fearless and passionate.

These are some things I need you to do:
You must cry. You must laugh. Break through all obstacles to freedom.
Be patient and be swift.
Love always. Stay present and work hard. Rest when you must rest.
Come into power. Now is the time.
Accept things as they are, and go in..

Just go in